Walter Sadler

How long have you worked with our company and has it been a positive/professional relationship?

Since the turn of the Century, ask Dean.  It has always been a positive/professional teaming relationship.

Was there a specific project we worked on together?

Walnut Grove Storage Tank and Booster Station
Nut Plains PFOA Treatment Plant

Did we assist you with solving a problem(s) in a fair and reasonable manner?

Yes, on Nut Plains which was a Design Build Project, Auburn always one step ahead in anticipating issues and had a solution in mind before it became a problem.

How was the quality of a specific project we worked on together?

Walnut Grove required a very high degree of coordination and professionalism, which Auburn supplied to provide a very high quality project.  Auburn Constructors did an excellent job of completing the project on budget and time with very minimal disruption to the adjacent neighborhood.  In fact, the very neighbors that were originally very critical of the project were amazed at the speed in which the project was constructed and the lack of disruption to the neighborhood.

What would you say to somebody who is not sure about whether to start working with us?

Auburn is very professional in their approach to bidding and constructing.  With Auburn as your contractor, you have a team that will work with you to get it constructed on time and budget.

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