Los Osos Water Recycling Facility Project

Los Osos, CA
Contract Amount:
September 2016
County of San Luis Obispo
New Conventional Activated Sludge Wastewater Treatment Plant including Administration Building, Maintenance Bldg, Headworks/Septage Receiving, Odor Control Facility, Oxidation Ditches, Secondary Clarifiers, Scum Pump Station, Filter Influent Pump Station, Tertiary Filters, UV Facility, Chemical Facility, Effluent Pump Station, Sludge Storage Tanks, Dewatering Building Electrical Building, Groundwater wells and pumps, Water Storage Tank, Recycled Water Storage Ponds, Storm Water Retention Pond, Plant Drain Pump Station, Storm Water Pump Station, associated electrical, instrumentation and control system work, associated yard work including piping, paving, grading and landscaping, Planet entrance from Los Osos Valley Road, and Los Osos Valley Road improvements.
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