Jamestown SD WWTP Improvements

Jamestown, CA

Bid Time: March 5, 2019 at 1PM
Estimator: John West
Electrical Estimator: Barry Evans
Engineer: Blackwater Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Engineer’s Estimate: $10M

The Project consists of modifications to the existing JSD Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and construction of new facilities at the JSD Quartz Reservoir Site. The existing WWTP is located at 17600 State Highway 108, Jamestown, California, 95327. The JSD Quartz Reservoir Site is located at 10190 Karlee Lane, Jamestown, California, 95327. The Project will have Base Bid work items and additive bid items. Base Bid items are the following: conversion of the existing sludge storage lagoon and equalization ponds to Emergency Storage Ponds, a triplex submersible influent pump station, an approximately 70 ft x 100 ft x 16 ft high concrete basin package biological treatment system, a concrete masonry block blower/electrical building, a concrete masonry block chemical storage building, a concrete secondary chlorine contact tank, a sludge dewatering area with metal roofing, a concrete lined sludge drying area, a metal- framed administration and shop building, piping improvements, electrical, instrumentation, and SCADA improvements, and site grading and paving.

Additive bid items include, in ascending numerical sequence for bid comparison: 1) A grit removal system; 2) Tertiary treatment and recycled water facilities; and 3) Composting area. Bids will be received for a single prime contract.

Plans and Specifications are available for viewing at our office. We have also made the information available on a Sharefile site.

Sharefile link:
Jamestown SD WWTP Improvement Bid Docs

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