Suisun-Solano Water Authority: Cement Hill WTP – Clarifier No. 2 & 3 and Tank No. 3 Rehabilitation Project

Fairfield, CA

Estimator: John West
Electrical Estimator: Barry Evans
Bid Time: April 24, 2019 at 10AM
Engineer: Kjeldsen, Sinnock, Neudeck
Engineer’s Estimate: $2.3M

The scope of this project is to replace solids contact clarifier equipment for two (2) fifty five (55) foot diameter circular clarifiers, including but not limited to: structural support and access walkways, access bridge between both clarifiers, radial launders, annular collection launders, conical reaction wells, rake arm and assemblies including drive units, influent and effluent piping, tension and compression rods, draft tube, sampling pipes and hose valves, and local control panel. The Authority has entered into a Procurement Contract with Clearstream Environmental Inc. for the supply of solids contact clarifier equipment as described in these Contract Documents. As part of this project, the Procurement Contract with the Supplier shall be assigned to the Contractor for the supply and delivery of clarifier equipment, including subsequent field services such as installation support and training.

Modifications to influent and effluent piping to each clarifier to accommodate flexible movement, as well as new magnetic flow meters on the inlets. To accommodate the clarifier improvements, the existing clarifier shells will undergo structural modifications to support the equipment. The tank shell interior for both clarifier shells shall be blasted and re-coated, including spot coating repair and tank insulation repair on the exterior where removed or damaged during construction.

Electrical modifications associated with the project include new conduit, conductors, and controls wiring from the clarifiers to the Plant 2 Motor Control Center (MCC) room. At the MCC room, electrical improvements include but are not limited to: new starters, overloads, pilot devices, terminal blocks, and relays for the MCC buckets, new conduit/cable between VFDs and new clarifier drives, and new conduit/cable between VFDs and existing PLC.

The scope of the project related to Tank No. 3 includes modifications to the existing inlet and outlet pipes to accommodate flexible movement. Additional modifications include adding a plate to existing anchor chairs and re-installing nuts at the base of the tank shell. The interior of Tank No. 3 shall be re-coated, and exterior shall receive coating spot repairs where needed; where anchor chairs are modified, coating spot repairs will be required.

Plans and Specifications are available for viewing at our office, and on local builders’ exchanges. We have also made the information available on a Sharefile site (please use the link below):

Plans, Specifications and Addenda

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