Hillcrest and Donlon Booster Pumping Station Improvements

Antioch, CA

Estimator: Rich White
Elec. Estimator: Jeff Brackenbury
Bid Due Date/Time: September 29, 2020 at 2PM
Engineer’s Estimate: $2,340,00
Engineer: Brown and Caldwell

The work shall generally consist of performing upgrades to the Hillcrest and Donlon Booster Pump Station. (BPS). The work includes replacing existing booster pumps, appurtenances, and electrical equipment at the Hillcrest BPS as well as adding one additional pump and a new standby, diesel fueled standby generator at the Donlon BPS.

Items available to be subcontracted and/or material quotations for this project include the following: –Painting and Coating – Electrical Materials/Equipment – Diesel Engine Driven Generator Sets – Pipe, Fittings, Valves & Appurtenances – Hanger and Supports – Instrumentation & Controls – Split case centrifugal pumps

Plans and specifications are available for viewing at our office and at local builders’ exchanges. We have also made the information available on a Sharefile site (please use the link below):

Plans, Specifications & Addenda

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